The 6 Best Alcoholic Drinks For Your Health

The 6 Best Alcoholic Drinks For Your Health


The 6 Best Alcoholic Drinks For Your Health

There is a lot of bad press out there about how bad alcohol is bad for your health. While the excessive consumption of alcohol is indeed bad for your health, there are some types of alcoholic drinks that are actually good for your health.

Let us see which alcoholic drinks made the list:

6. Red Wine – Red wine is known to promote heart health. It is rich in antioxidants. It has more health benefits than any other alcoholic drink.

5. Light Beer – Light beer has a combination of ingredients that delivers vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Again, this only applies to light beer. Sorry guys!

4. Bloody Mary – This popular drink is made up of vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, celery, salt, Tabasco and lemon juice. This combination of ingredients is filled with electrolytes, vitamin C and potassium. To top it off, the tomato juice is high in antioxidants that helps clear toxins from the liver.

3. Champaign – Champaign contains less calories than white wine. The best part is that the carbonation fills you up faster so you will drink less of it. Studies also show that the grapes used to make champaign can boost brain health.

2. Tequila on the Rocks – YES, you read that correctly. Tequila on the rocks, sipped slowly has very little sugar and is low in carbs. As long as you sip it slowly and do not drink it as a shot, it’s a good option.

1. Whiskey on the Rocks– YES, another shocker! Whiskey can lower your risk of heart disease. Clinical studies have shown that whiskey can decrease bad cholesterol in your body. The trick here is to drink it SLOWLY!

Please be warned- that the excessive consumption of even healthy drinks can become unhealthy. Drink responsibility and use your best judgment at all times.

Side Effects of Excessive Alcohol Consumption

The conservative consumption of alcohol is usually not a problem.  However, problems to start to arise with the excessive consumption of alcohol.  When we say excessive consumption of alcohol we refer to the need to drink alcoholic beverages several times per day.  The key here is “the need” which leads to the “dependency” of alcohol.  This is a serious problem around the world.  Alcohol abuse or Alcoholism is something that should not be treated lightly as it has serious side effects on your health.  There are many side effects to excessive alcohol consumption.  One of the most common factors is the “cloud of judgment”.  Meaning when you consume too much alcohol and you are “buzzed” or “drunk” you lack judgment which can lead you to do things that you normally wouldn’t do such as drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol.  This si the most common cause of death for many people in the world.  This not only affects the person drinking but also affects innocent bystanders that may be driving on the roads at the same time as the person under the influence.  Your reaction to alcohol is the biggest factor.  Everyone reacts differently to alcohol depending on how much they have consumed.  Excessive consumption of alcohol affects your liver function which eventually can lead to death because your liver stops working and does not filter out the toxins in your body.  So basically you end up poisoning yourself.  The excessive consumption of alcohol also results in constant mood swings, anxiety and depression.  In addition, the constant excessive consumption of alcohol also leads to frequent confusion and impaired memory.  In the short and long run excessive alcohol consumption affects the brain and how it functions.  The excessive consumption of alcohol makes it harder for the brain to control balance, memory and speech.

Studies have found that more than 6 percent of the US population has an alcohol disorder.  Men tend to be affected more than women.  1 in 12 men have an alcohol disorder while only 1 in 25 women have an alcohol disorder.  Regardless of your gender, alcohol consumption is a dangerous thing if not controlled carefully.  Drink responsibly.



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