What are the 10 most popular ted talks ?

What are the 10 most popular ted talks ?
What are the 10 most popular ted talks ?

What are the 10 most popular ted talks ?

TED Talks, these short but powerful talks on a multitude of subjects, have captured the hearts of audiences around the world. From science to psychology, technology to art, TED Talks offer unique and inspiring perspectives on diverse subjects. In this article, we present the 10 most popular TED Talks, which have captivated millions of viewers and continue to fascinate with their impact and relevance.

1. “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” – Sir Ken Robinson

Renowned educator Sir Ken Robinson examines the modern education system and asks the crucial question: are our schools killing creativity in children? This provocative and funny lecture challenges the established norms of education and argues for radical change to unleash the creative potential of every child.

2. “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” – Simon Sinek

In this inspiring lecture, Simon Sinek explores the concept of the “Golden Circle” and explains how great leaders inspire action by starting with the “why”. He presents captivating examples of visionary leaders who have mobilized people by sharing their vision and values.

3. “The Power of Vulnerability” – Brené Brown

Social scientist Brené Brown shares her discoveries about vulnerability and the importance of authenticity in our relationships. Her moving and heartfelt talk urges us to embrace our vulnerability to find connection and meaning in our lives.

4. “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are” – Amy Cuddy

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy demonstrates the impact of body language on our self-confidence and success. Her presentation shows how power postures can influence how we perceive ourselves and present ourselves to the world.

5. “How to Speak So That People Want to Listen” – Julian Treasure

Communication expert Julian Treasure shares valuable tips for improving the way we speak and listen. He explains how to use the power of words and silence to engage our audience.

6. “The Puzzle of Motivation” – Dan Pink

In this stimulating lecture, Dan Pink challenges traditional ideas about motivation and presents innovative concepts for improving productivity and job satisfaction.

7. “How to Make Stress Your Friend” – Kelly McGonigal

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal invites us to rethink our perception of stress. She presents fascinating studies showing how our attitude to stress can have a significant impact on our health and well-being.

8. “The Hidden Influence of Social Networks” – Nicholas Christakis

Sociologist and physician Nicholas Christakis explores the power of social networks and how they affect our behavior, health and emotions. His enlightening lecture offers a glimpse into the invisible connections that bind us to one another.

9. “The Art of Asking” – Amanda Palmer

Singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer shares her personal and artistic journey, focusing on the importance of asking for help and connecting with others in an authentic way.

10 “The Science of Cells That Never Get Old” – Elizabeth Blackburn

Elizabeth Blackburn, molecular biologist and Nobel laureate, takes us into the fascinating world of telomeres, the ends of chromosomes, and their role in aging and health.

Final thoughts

These TED Talks are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the incredible diversity of topics covered. Each presentation offers a unique and inspiring insight, enabling each of us to broaden our horizons, learn and grow. TED Talks are a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration, accessible to all online, to encourage us to explore, question, and embrace the power of lifelong learning.

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